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The Best Crowdfunding Crash Course Ever Episode #4

The Best Crowdfunding Crash Course Ever Episode #4

How do you qualify a crowdfunding platform? What specific questions do you ask the platform reps? What is it like to invest in a crowdfunded deal? Today we’re going to answer those questions and then some.

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Who we’re talking to today:


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Some things you’ll discover on today’s episode:

  • Two surprising lessons learned by investing in Crowdfunded deals
  • The list of questions you should ask a crowdfunding platform

The step-by-step process for what it’s like to invest in a crowdfunded deal from an investor’s standpoint

  • Pros and cons of debt and equity investing
  • How to diversify your portfolio in crowdfunded deals

And much, much more!


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The Best Crowdfunding Crash Course Ever

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2 thoughts on “The Best Crowdfunding Crash Course Ever Episode #4”

  • Michelle Yarber

    Michelle Yarber commented July 7, 2015

    When will non-accredited investors be able to invest per Reg A?

    Marco Rivera

    Marco Rivera reply July 7, 2015

    Hello Michelle, thank you for your comment.

    Right now, our current structure and plans are to operate under the laws of Regulation D Rule 506(c) of the Security and Exchange commission. However, this may not be the case forever. For a more detailed answer please watch our last monthly webinar where our General Counsel, Amy Wan, addresses this question at the 24 minute 35 second mark.

    You can watch the webinar here:

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