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How is this different than a REIT?

A REIT generally provides an investor with very little information or choice regarding the properties they are purchasing or developing. Patch of Land operates with honest engagement and transparency that puts you in control of your investments. You get to choose exactly which properties to invest in while we keep you informed of every major update on your projects. The fundamental difference is a level of control and interaction that you wouldn’t receive with a fully managed REIT.  Additionally, our minimum investments are normally much lower than REITs.

How are your offerings different from a REIT?

REITs (real estate investment trusts) are investment vehicles that pool various real estate assets, including properties and mortgage notes. Managers of REITs receive a management fee, along with various other fees and charges based on performance. REITs can be either publicly or privately traded.  Unlike these mortgage REITs, a Patch of Land loan corresponds to a single project loan—not a pool of loans. You have full visibility into the loan as well as due diligence around the property, market, and borrower. 

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