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Why is Patch of Land now offering commercial real estate?

As our company continues to grow, Patch of Land is proud to be able to expand our product offerings into the commercial real estate lending space.  This move will allow us to provide more diversification across different asset types for investors and offers a viable long-term option to your portfolio.

What makes Patch of Land an appealing lender for commercial loans?

Commercial real estate developers enjoy working with Patch of Land because of the following benefits we’re able to provide versus traditional and hard money lenders:

  • Consistent and reliable funding – Gain access to a large pool of capital stemming from our network of accredited investors & institutional investor base.
  • Speed to close – We know timing is everything. That’s why we’re able to close our commercial loans in 10-20 days on average, once all due diligence documents have been submitted and title is clear.
  • Prefunded loans – Patch of Land funds your loan first so you don’t have to wait for the crowd.
  • A nationwide reach - Our network of Investors spans across the United States.
  • Ability to expand & grow your business - Take your business to the next level

Commercial Developers will typically utilize Patch of Land’s crowdfunding platform as a means of bridge financing.  This allows Borrowers to acquire the properties quickly and bring them to a stabilized state in order to sell, refinance, or execute another exit strategy.

What are some of the different types of commercial opportunities Patch of Land will be looking to offer Investors?

The following are some of the commercial opportunities Patch of Land might offer:

  • Multi-Family
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Hospitality
  • Retail

What are the typical returns I can expect to see on a Patch of Land commercial offering?

Commercial loans offer a different risk/reward profile.  As such, investors can expect to see an estimated annual yield between 6-10% for commercial products.

How long will the hold terms be for your commercial offerings?

Patch of Land’s commercial offerings will typically have a hold term of 12-60 months depending on the project.

Why invest in Patch of Land’s commercial loans?

Patch of Land’s commercial loans have a different risk profile and longer duration, which complements our existing residential portfolio.  As a result, investors can spread diversify their real estate portfolio across different asset types, geographic locations, and ladder their distributions over time.

What information is used to evaluate a commercial property?

Patch of Land’s comprehensive underwriting process is able to assess a variety of property types to evaluate the different risk factors associated with them.  Some of the key components to our commercial underwriting includes due diligence on:

  • The Property
  • The Market/Location
  • The Borrower

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