Dear Clients and Investors,

Patch of Land, Inc and its team was acquired in July of 2021. As part of our continuing efforts to wind down legacy operations, we have discontinued the legacy online portal as of August 15th, 2023

If you require legacy records or have any questions regarding past investment projects, please contact us at this address: [email protected]. Tax statements will still be timely delivered to the client addresses we have on file.

Accessible Real Estate Investment Opportunities

We are Patch of Land.

Real Estate Loans for Investors

Crowdfunding sites that offer listings of real estate loans for investors are quickly gaining ground as an accessible arena for finding bridge loan opportunities for real estate lending. Investors will be pleased to know that Patch of Land offers them the same real estate lending opportunities for their portfolio while also engaging in the social good.

A Better Way to Invest
A Better Way to Invest

As an online lending platform for real estate financing, we provide loans to developers and investments to lenders through a peer-to-real estate (P2RE) process which includes rehabilitating homes devastated by natural disasters amongst other things.

When developers are in need of quick capital, either when they have underestimated their project or have simply run out of money, they often turn to bridge loans. These short-term loans of up to one year are used until an individual, or company, secures permanent financing, or removes an existing obligation. Although this type of financing has relatively high interest rates, it allows the user to meet current obligations because it provides immediate cash flow.

A bridge loan can provide a borrower capital needed for smaller property developmental projects such as rehabilitating or minor construction, but again such loans are not any easier to access compared with crowdfunding. Bridge loans also help keep projects afloat, or get a rehabilitation jumpstarted, while in search for more permanent financing.

Transparent. Safe. Effective.
Transparent. Safe. Effective.

Patch of Land's online lending platform provides borrowers quick funds they need for their property. On the other hand, accredited investors are given the opportunity to gain from online lending, or more specifically engage in real estate financing that promises high-yields without hidden charge fees.

Patch of Land's real estate lending process is safe, transparent, and streamlined for the ease and convenience of borrowers and lenders alike. All featured projects we offer have been carefully assessed as a promising and well-performing crowdfunding investment opportunity.

Patch of Land has consolidated the process of crowdfunding real estate investments down to six easy steps. To learn more about real estate loans for investors and developers alike, read our FAQ page.