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The Equilibrium Report: 10/13/14 to 10/17/14

The Equilibrium is a new weekly blog post from Patch of Land that highlights the previous week's economic events and releases.  Our intention is to empower our readership with the latest economic information available in order for you to make the best investment choices and decisions possible. This week has a couple of economic reviews that are sure to catch our eye. Secondly, Freddie Mac has launched a new multifamily lending program to aid in affordable housing. To read more follow this link:


OCT. 15- Producer Price Index (PPI Sept) and Fed's Beige Book

PPI - is an economic indicator that helps determine the amount of inflation we are seeing. For the month of September, the PPI index showed slowing growth on prices and first time this year fell by .1%.

Fed's Beige Book - All 12 fed districts reported modest and moderate growth. They saw local markets showing an optimistic view of future activity. Residential and commercial construction was mixed.

Fed's twelve districts: Boston, Dallas, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Kansas City, and San Francisco.


OCT. 16- Initial and Continuing Jobless Claims, Homebuilders Survey (OCT)

Initial and Continuing jobless claims- jobless claims dropped to the lowest level in the last 14 years!  Initial claims dropped to 264K, which is down 23k. This is the lowest level we've seen since April 2000.

Homebuilders survey (OCT)- Homebuilder sentiment fell for the month to a level of 54. A level of 50+ is considered as positive conditions. Sales of previously owned homes were down 5.3% in August from a year earlier. Analyst see the housing market a bit shaky, but for the most part remain positive.


OCT. 17- Housing Starts (Sept), Consumer Sentiment

Housing starts - Housing starts rose to a rate of 6.3% to an annualized pace of 1.02 million.

Consumer sentiment - Is at the highest level we have seen since July 2007.


Do you think the slowing growth on prices could cause interest rates hikes by the fed to be pushed back? Will the lower number of jobless claims result in an increase in people investing in the US? Leave a comment and let us know how you feel about these latest reports.

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