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Watch Crowdnetic's Crowdfinance 2015 Panel: Opportunities in Real Estate

On September 28, 2015 in NYC, at Wall Street’s third annual Crowdfinance Conference, financial veterans and industry leaders gathered to provide participants with the resources necessary to capitalize in a financial services industry that continues to innovate and rapidly transform the financial landscape. The conference featured a powerful lineup of keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions including "Opportunities in Real Estate." The real estate panel focused on the growth path of each company, changes to business models, plus challenges and realizations that have led to their leadership position and future opportunities.

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Crowdnetics's Crowdfinance 2015 Panel: Opportunities in Real Estate

ModeratorAdaPia d’Errico (Patch of Land)

Panelists: Jilliene Helman (RealtyMogul), Dan Miller (Fundrise), Rodrigo Niño (Prodigy), Heather Schwarz (EarlyShares), Brian Dally (Groundfloor).

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