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Google Puts Emphasis on Mobile Responsiveness

Google recently released a major update to their ranking algorithm in which mobile responsiveness is now significantly affecting a site's placement in search results. Patch of Land was happy to hear about this move and recently used Google's service to test our platform for compatibility. We're happy to report that, aligned with our CTO's mandate that our platform have 100% mobile responsiveness, the test came back with flying colors.
It's important to us that Investors are able to make investment decisions and manage their account while on the move, whether they're riding on the subway, or eating lunch at Subway. That's why we've never launched a website feature that won't work on your smartphone or responsiveness

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For our Borrowers, we provide loan application, processing and management with the same level of functionality you'll find on your desktop browser. Its important to remain mobile with multiple real estate projects in your portfolio and Patch of Land makes that easy with common-sense features to make running your business easier.

Test us out! Try out investing in a loansubmitting a loan application, managing your account, or submitting a question from your smartphone. After you've had the chance to see all the care and effort we've put into ensuring we're there for you when you're mobile, shoot us any feedback you have by leaving a comment below or reaching our CTO at [email protected].
Google Mobile Responsiveness

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