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New Patch of Land Tech Updates!

Patch of Land heard your feedback and made the changes YOU requested! Take a look at the new Patch of Land tech updates and see what enhancements are now available by logging into your account

Enhancements to My Investments / Earnings Grids in your Dashboard

We have made changes to give pagination and linking capabilities to the My Investments and Earnings Grids section of your Dashboard. Take a look and you will now see a property address in each column, so it's easier for investors to link their distributions and investments. In a few weeks, we'll provide links on each section right to the relevant investment listing as well as downloadable exports of your investments, earnings and withdrawals.


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Investors can now Resolve Problem Orders Quickly

We've setup email alerts, Helpdesk tickets, and and easy to use section to alert investors to the fact that one or more of the recent investment orders failed to process (NSF, ACH Blocks, Incorrect ACCT Number, etc). With this new feature, Investors can now resolve problem investments on their own. For example, if you accidentally put in the wrong account number you will now be able to update your account information and have the investments funding ACH from that bank account automatically re-attempted without the need to contact us.


Self-Directed IRA Entities & Fund Control

We've added the ability to identify an entity you'd like to invest with as an SDIRA during completion of your investment. If an Investor creates an order using an SDIRA entity, funds from distributions are automatically held for processing by Patch of Land and ensure those restricted funds cannot be withdrawn or used as credit by the Investor, thus achieving the required separation of IRA funds from other investing entity funds.

In addition to investing on behalf of yourself or a business entity, there is now a dedicated option during the investment process that lets you create or select an SDIRA entity. Funds for an SDIRA order are automatically sent out to your custodian on your behalf. If we do not have your custodian's information already, you can expect a quick email or phone call to setup secure processing.


Ability to Select Distribution Bank Accounts for Individual Investments

Investors can now change what bank account they want distributions for a given investment order to be deposited into with auto-withdrawal enabled (must be a non-SDIRA flagged order).

In the past, Investors with the auto-withdrawal feature enabled could only have their distribution funds sent back to the same bank account an investment was made with. Now Investors with the auto-withdrawal feature enabled can change what bank account their distributions go to at any time. Keep in mind this only affects distributions generated and paid after this change. Distributions paid in the past will not be transferred into newly selected accounts.

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Patch of Land Tech UpdatesPatch of Land Tech Updates Patch of Land Tech Updates Patch of Land Tech Updates

New Patch of Land Tech Updates!

We hope you enjoy our new feature enhancements! Our team is working hard to create a beautiful and easy to use real estate investment platform of choice. You can look forward to next month's new Patch of Land tech updates; we're introducing new sorting and filter capabilities for our listings so you can find the listings you want to see more efficiently. What other features would you like to see changed on the portal?  Leave a comment and tell us what you think.

If you want to learn more, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about real estate crowdfunding on a daily basis and find out why so many people are crowdfunding real estate projects across the country with Patch of Land.
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