Investors, Please note that the Legacy Platform of Patch of Land Inc, completed an asset sale on July 27th of 2021. All remaining crowd assets, loans and investments are being actively managed in an effort to wind down the platform, with an expected cessation of business activities by the end of the year 2022. Due to limited remaining resources, property updates may not be available and are being made upon request. For information regarding any remaining portfolio or for any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]

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Patch of Land's Success & Track Record after One Year

With so many crowdfunding companies out there to choose from, deciding which one to invest with can be hard. Patch of Land (PoL) helps make the decision easier for our clients because we offer an established history, solid track record, and continued success.

Track Record

Patch of Land has been around since the inception of the laws which provided for the crowdfunding exemptions that allow for debt and equity-based crowdfunding to exist. In our first year, PoL has produced amazing returns despite having to work with a bootstrapped budget. We’ve accomplished this feat by spending our funds wisely and scaling the company in an organized manner to ensure our growth for years to come.

“We have built our business so far with only a few hundred thousand dollars from friends and family and we’ve proven ourselves by penetrating the markets we’ve entered, creating a known and respected brand, and positioned ourselves as leaders in real estate crowdfunding”- Jason Fritton, CEO & Co-Founder of Patch of Land.

Patch of Land's Success & Track Record after One Year



At this point, PoL has brought on thousands of accredited investors and borrowers looking to develop lucrative real estate projects.  As a result, we have grown to do millions of dollars in sales per month, establishing ourselves as a major player in the crowdlending/crowdfinancing marketplace. In fact, the firm anticipates surpassing the $10M mark in its first full year of business. In addition, PoL has fully funded more than 40 real estate projects across 8 states, with the average growth QoQ of 160%. Our platform is believed and trusted by our investors, with 65% of investors making repeat investments.

Patch of Land’s Success & Track Record after One Year Patch of Land’s Success & Track Record after One Year

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Future Growth

We are proud of how far we’ve come and would like thank those who have helped us get to where we are today. We are fully committed to delivering the best debt-based real estate projects in the crowdfunding space, and are excited to watch Patch of Land grow for years to come. To help our momentum continue going forward we invite you to become an investor in Patch of Land. If you’d like to own a share of one of the first and fastest growing alternative lending companies in the real estate crowdfunding space, visit our SeedInvest page to make a direct investment.

If you want to learn more, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about real estate crowdfunding on a daily basis and find out why so many people are crowdfunding real estate projects across the country with Patch of Land.
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If you still want to know how Patch of Land works for professional real estate developers and accredited investors, please visit Patch of Land’s FAQ section and learn more today.

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