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Real Estate Crowdfunding 101: Introduction to Patch of Land

Patch of Land, a leading online Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform focused on debt financing residential real estate properties across the United States, is proud to present the pilot episode of a monthly Real Estate #Crowdfunding Education & Networking series focused on educating real estate developers and national real estate investors on the growing #realestate  crowdfunding movement.

Topics to be covered in this episode include:

  1. --What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?
  2. --Who is eligible to participate and why (2012 JOBS Act)?
  3. --How is Patch of Land facilitating a transparent and efficient funding mechanism for both developers and investors?
  4. --A case study of a successful developer who raised capital via crowdfunding and has already paid back investors who funded him.
  5. --Q&A:  Questions from the audience and frequently asked questions from our whitepaper


Download our Crowdfunding 101 Whitepaper Here


This episode is co-produced with our friends at +RealityCrowdTV , +Manolis Sfinarolakis and our very own +AdaPia d’Errico , Chief Marketing Officer of +Patch of Land will present our pilot episode.

*If you are a real estate developer and are interested in more information, please register for our site and contact us here*:

*If you are a real estate investor and are interested in more information, please register for our site and contact us here*:

*For any general inquiries, contact us here*:

If you want to learn more, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about real estate crowdfunding on a daily basis and find out why so many people are crowdfunding real estate projects across the country with Patch of Land.
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If you still want to know how Patch of Land works for professional real estate developers and accredited investors, please visit Patch of Land’s FAQ section and learn more today.

3 thoughts on “Real Estate Crowdfunding 101: Introduction to Patch of Land”

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  • franklin jones

    franklin jones commented April 10, 2015

    How seasoned does the business entity need to
    be to borrow?

    Marco Rivera

    Marco Rivera reply April 10, 2015

    Hello Franklin,

    The business entity can be brand new, but the guarantor needs experience. We have a lot of brand new LLCs that borrow. Thank you for your interest, our originations team will be reaching out to answer any of your questions.

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