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Patch of Land to attend Five Star Institute's 2nd Annual Single-Family Rental Summit

While the single-family rental market continues to redefine its borders, the investment landscape offers opportunity for many in a volatile marketplace that has often been misunderstood and sometimes fragmented. Navigating this complex and dynamic terrain takes careful planning and strategic partnerships. The Single-Family Rental Summit provides an important conduit for SFR leaders to have the pivotal conversations that will push this industry forward. Top subject matter experts and skilled SFR practitioners will lead discussion panels and training sessions that will answer questions and offer viable solutions related to property acquisition and management, financing, strategies for small, mid-cap, and large investors, and new developments related to technology and professional services.

Fifteen percent of the US population lives in Single Family Rentals, and SFR has become the fastest growing specialty in the real estate industry. Investors are buying and selling SFR assets by the thousands, and a precious few real estate agents have the skills to service them effectively. At this years summit, you will learn how to:

  • Understand and Explain Basic Housing Economics
  • Analyze and Present Markets Measure and Evaluate ROI
  • Targeting and Converting Investor Buyers
  • Target and Converting Investor Sellers
  • Build an Investment Portfolio of Your Own

The Five Star Institute will also hold five topics throughout the three day conference, each will be discussed in further detail to expand the views and opportunities in each topic. Here's a closer look at the topics:

  • Acquisition Session - How do migration trends, job markets, housing availability, the national economy, foreign capital, and other macro features influence the singlefamily rental market? Learn what market factors you need to consider for structuring a sound investment plan.
  • Disposition Session - In today’s market, it can be tough to determine whether to sell an asset or sit tight. Learn the latest disposition strategies to improve portfolio performance and your bottom line.
  • Financing Session - The amount of institutional capital available to investors of all sizes has grown from almost nonexistent to abundant. Discover how to combine these resources with the right strategy to prosper in any market condition.
  • Property Management & Rehab Session - Management strategy involves goal setting, analyzing strengths, weaknesses and external factors, and then forming a strategy that flows out of goals and analysis. Once you have defined the basics though, the real work begins. Learn how to implement, monitor, evaluate, and make course corrections in the dynamic climate of property management.
  • Technology Session - Technology advancements in the single-family rental space have revolutionized response time and reach as investors market property. What is new on the high-tech marketing frontier? How can web optimization give you the competitive edge? Discover research tools that transform your ability to interpret data, refine your portfolio, when to sell, property valuation, and other market-specific disposition strategies.

The 2nd Annual Single Family Rental Summit will be held from November 1-3, 2016 at the Embassy Suites Dallas-Frisco Hotel Convention Center in Frisco, TX. Make sure to register for the conference here, and we hope to see you there!

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