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Patch of Land CEO at Alternative Lending Summit 2016

Context Summits is the preeminent producer of events for the alternative asset management industry, focusing on three platforms through an innovative format:

Relationships That Matter - Building relationships that matter to drive long-term success. Fund managers, qualified investors and key platform providers will have the opportunity to netwrok and develop long-term, meaningful relationships needed to drive success and grow revenue.

Elevated Experience - Elevating the conference experience through distinctive, well-organized, and well-executed events. Context Summits seamlessly delivers a superior experience for attendees by paying close attention to the details. Distinctive resorts with world-class amenities, inclusive, single-site social events, and seamless service enhance experience. Before the event, a robust web portal is available for participants to view the profiles of other guests, evaluate prospective meeting partners, schedule appointments, communicate individually, or join discussion groups.

Unmatched Results - Superior format, structure, and service. In addition, a robust technology platform provides transparency and maximizes attendees' use of time before and during the event.

This year, they will be hosting the 2016 Alternative Lending Summit held in Dana Point, CA. The summit will bring together leading asset managers, alocators, platforms and key service providers that shape and influence the Alternative Lending landscape. The one day summit will feature educational topics from industry leaders in the alternative lending space.

Patch of Land's CEO, Paul Deitch will be attending the summit along with participating in a panel titled 'Which Allocation Vehicle is Right for Me?'. The panel will also house Jeremy Todd, Director of West Coast Sales from Orchard Platform and Peter Sterling, Portfolio Manager, Direct Yield Fund from Coastland Capital.The panel will identify various platform's business models and strategies that drive the deals they fund and examine perspectives as to whether it's best to invest directly through a platform or through an investor investing in platforms. The panelists will also address the considerations when determining how to allocate: risk vs return; invest direct or asset manager; securitization vs 40x fund, etc.

As with all Context Summit', the Alternative Lending Summit will be focused, efficient and productive for all participants. Register for the event today and we hope to see you there!

Event Details:
September 28, 2016
St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort
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