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Patch of Land Webinar: Episode #3 with Chicago Developer Michael Kevorkian

Our Patch of Land webinar is a monthly recurring broadcast as part of our broader initiative to educate the traditional real estate finance industry on how they can leverage the power of crowdfunding to help gain access to a fast and reliable source of capital to fund their projects.

The webinars will be held on the third Wednesday of every month at 5:00 PST / 6:00 MST / 7:00 CST / 8:00 EST.

Our 3rd monthly real estate crowdfunding webinar of 2015 will take place on March 18th. If you missed our last webinars, don't worry. You can watch our latest webinar plus all of our previous episodes by visiting our Patch of Land YouTube Channel.

Webinar #3 is hosted by Manolis Sfinarolakis (Founder of Realty Crowd TV) and features Doug Cochrane (SVP of Underwriting & Acquisitions at Patch of Land), as well as Michael Kevorkian (local Chicagoland area Developer).

By watching this Patch of Land Webinar, you will learn:

  • How equity & debt crowdfunding has paved the way for Real Estate Crowdfunding
  • How real estate developers can use crowdfunding for their projects
  • Review a case study of an actual deal that was funded on the Patch of Land platform
  • What the underwriting criteria for a loan is directly from the head of underwriting
  • What collaboration opportunities exist if you are a real estate or mortgage broker with Patch of Land
  • Have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have on the process

We hope you enjoy this webinar and tune-in to next month's episode as well. Stay tuned for more information on dates and times as they become available.  Also feel free to leave any comments or questions that you may still have, or would like answered for next time.

If you want to learn more, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about real estate crowdfunding on a daily basis and find out why so many people are crowdfunding real estate projects across the country with Patch of Land.
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If you still want to know how Patch of Land works for professional real estate developers and accredited investors, please visit Patch of Land’s FAQ section and learn more today.

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