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The Best Crowdfunding Crash Course Ever: Episode #3

The Best Crowdfunding Crash Course Ever is designed to be the definitive guide for learning about real estate crowdfunding. Every episode will be jam packed with information about the opportunities available in the real estate crowdfunding industry for both lenders and borrowers.

Listen to Episode #3 - How to Do a Crowdfunded Deal from Start to Finish


Episode #3 - How to Do a Crowdfunded Deal from Start to Finish

During this episode, Joe talks with Patch of Land's SVP of Underwriting Doug Cochrane to discuss what you should know about doing a real estate crowdfunding deal.

Tune-in to this interview and listen to what the experience of crowdfunding a deal is like from start to finish, and get specific details of the transaction process. Also download our FREE whitepaper The Newark Report and find out why Newark, New Jersey is becoming the next real estate hotspot.

Here’s more of what you'll hear on this new episode:

  • Why a flipper went from hard money to crowdfunding
  • The beautiful partnership that results from the experience
  • Side-by-side comparison of hard money vs. crowdfunding
  • A surprising part of the process with crowdfunding
  • Step-by-step process for how to get set up on a crowdfunding platform
  • The crowdfunding platform’s role in the process
  • Importance of getting started in the process NOW
  • Reporting requirements for borrowing money from a crowdfunding platform

Free Download: The Newark Report


The Best Crowdfunding Crash Course Ever Episode Recap:

Episode #1Every Single Answer to Every Single Crowdfunding Question You Have

Episode #2: The Future of Crowdfunding

We look forward to providing the answers to all your questions throughout this 4-part series. If you have any specific questions which you would like answered, feel free to leave a comment below. Here at Patch of Land we are happy to be an educational resource for the real estate crowdfunding community. Thanks for listening!

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The Best Crowdfunding Crash Course Ever  Presented by Patch of Land

If you want to learn more, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about real estate crowdfunding on a daily basis and find out why so many people are crowdfunding real estate projects across the country with Patch of Land.
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