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Recap: Real Estate Crowdfunding the Hot Topic in New York Alternative Investment Summit

A two day investment summit held on June 26th & June 27th by Coastal Shows did not disappoint those in attendance at the Conrad Hotel in New York City. The who’s who of Crowdfunding, Peer to Peer Lending, and Market Place lending were invited to be keynote speakers and members of panel discussions. There were many great topics, but the most engaging topic was Real Estate Crowdfunding.


AdaPia d’Errico, Chief Marketing Officer of Patch of Land was representing our Real Estate Crowdfunding platform in two specific panels:

  • -> Crossfire Panel Session: Crowdfund Real Estate – The Macro View
  • -> Keynote Crossfire Panel Session: The Best of Real Estate Platforms and How They Perform


Patch of Land was not the only crowdfunding platform that attended. Representatives from Realty Mogul, Fundrise, The Carlton Group, Wealth Migrate, Loquidity, and Groundbreaker shared their insights as well.

Media partner of the Coastal Shows event, Reality Crowd TV Media Corporation, recorded both panels:


Crossfire Panel Session: Crowdfund Real Estate – The Macro View

Keynote Crossfire Panel Session: The Best of Real Estate Platforms and How They Perform




There were many key takeaways from the event and from the above panel discussions. Each of the crowdfunding platforms was approaching the opportunity in real estate crowdfunding in its own unique way.

  • -> Realty Mogul was focused on equity raises and their target market was the institutional investors.
  • -> Fundrise had initially started with Regulation A offerings but had expanded to include Title II Equity Crowdfunding offerings.
  • -> Wealth Migrate had their sites on the global real estate Crowdfunding market.
  • -> Loquidity was focusing more on the Midwest region for their particular funding portal.
  • -> Patch of Land was focused on marketplace lending and debt based crowdfunding.


One of the key elements that stood out in the panel was how quickly innovation was occurring. If one funding platform had figured out a way to earn a competitive advantage in their marketing and sales process, it seemed the other portals were not far behind in implementing it for their own efforts. One example of this was the strategy that Patch of Land had employed since inception of pre-funding deals to developers in order to provide a quick, hassle free closing process. Since Patch of Land first implemented this strategy, other funding platforms are now following suit.

Perhaps one of the most interesting members on the crossfire panel was Douglas Atkin, Portfolio Manager of the Center Court Venture Fund at Guggenheim Partners. Guggenheim Partners is a private equity firm that manages over $200 billion in assets. What was interesting about Douglas Atkin’s presentation was that his experience in investing in disruptive technologies has led him to invest heavily in the Crowdfunding ecosystem and infrastructure. Although Crowdfunding may be perceived as a competitor to the traditional capital markets, the large private equity firm Guggenheim Partners is ahead of the curve and sees that the future is bright for Real Estate Crowdfunding as well as Marketplace lending and Peer to Peer lending.

Since the event in New York, Patch of Land has continued to travel the United States attending conferences and forming strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the real estate and crowdfunding industries. Stay tuned for a partnership with the Boston AREIA real estate association as we co-host a webinar to be broadcast on July 17th at 8 p.m. EDT. To RSVP for the event, click here. To watch on YouTube at a later date, click here.



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