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Introducing the Patch IT Engineering Blog

As a FinTech-enabled company that specializes in peer to peer lending for real estate investments, Patch of Land has built a comprehensive team of professionals and experts in the fields of finance, technology, and real estate. In regards to technology, Patch of Land’s Co-Founder and CTO, Brian Fritton, has a robust background of knowledge and experience which includes working for a major search engine where he architected customer-facing products, developing enterprise-grade APIs, and built custom billing & audit systems. Brian also worked with an e-commerce solution provider where he led the development of websites for brands such as Maui Jim, Warner Music Group, Ghirardelli & Anna's Linens. Furthermore, Brian is an active member of the global invite-only Young Entrepreneurs Council, speaks often on technology's role in startups, and received a Bachelors in E-Business from Chicago's DePaul University.

During the past two years, Brian’s main focus has evolved around developing and leading a team of brilliant software engineers at Patch of Land. Overall, the team he’s constructed is responsible for the creation and constant improvement of the beautiful software which has brought Patch of Land a great deal of success, and now it’s time to start showing that to the world through the Patch IT Engineering Blog!

The Patch IT Engineering Blog

Whether it’s our Building wealth and Growing Communities articles, event announcements and recaps, Q&A pieces, or video posts, the goal of the Patch blog has always been to provide our readers with quality content and edutainment. As part of our continued efforts to bring you valuable information, today we’re proud to announce our newly launched Patch IT Engineering blog!
The Patch IT Engineering Blog will feature articles from the top software engineers at Patch of Land and a select few of our Partners. Here are some of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • Software engineering in an amazing growth company - We'll cover how we handled that and our continuing efforts with continued crazy growth.
  • The technologies we use and love - We'll explain some of the cool things we use every day to move fast and build serious products without paying a fortune.
  • Research and the bleeding edge - We give our staff an immense amount of autonomy and regularly run sprints of work where we're researching new ways to do things. We'll let you inside our discoveries.
  • Data science, smart models & machine learning - We’ll discuss how we've developed true self-learning pricing and risk models, automated trend-analysis and prediction systems, connections with dozens of blue-chip data providers and leveraged machine learning, and much more.
  • Miscellaneous things we think are important - Behind the scenes takes on the industry, security, working in a tech company, etc.

Ultimately, the Patch IT Engineering Blog will be a great source of thought leadership for a wide variety of talking points, so we encourage everyone interested in engineering and technology to visit our blog and participate in our posts by leaving comments or any questions you may have. P.S. we'll be releasing some powerful open source libraries from time to time so stay tuned in!

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