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Readable Real Estate Crowdfunding

Three College students, perseverance and $500 built more than a bookstore. They created a community gathering place and dream space. Books, beer, coffee and wine continues to inspire literacy on a growing scale. Writers, readers and storytellers of all ages gather to promote literacy through education and entertainment.  A real estate crowdfunding campaign expanded the Changing Hands Bookstore real estate and created a platform for community revitalization in one of the nation's most conservative states. In 1974, during a time when community service and books could have been dying commodities, Changing Hands Bookstore fostered both and encouraged the growing communities of Phoenix, Arizona.
The original 500' was dedicated to a bookstore. With the help of community support, they expanded to 1728' of space.  In December, 2013, a real estate crowdfunding campaign enabled them to keep pace with this receptive community. The founders contributed personal funds and over $91K was raised by 1,137 people in just one month. That is incredible community support. 3,000 ft' was built to include a bookstore, education and presentation rooms, and my personal favorite area, the First Draft Book Bar. Books and the draw of community is not extinct, but modern funding is key to preserving these old values and growing communities. Now, Two years later, the readable real estate has succeeded in the efforts to make all that is literary to be inspiring, profitable, and self-sustaining.

Books, Beer and Brevity

The First Draft Book Bar combines entertainment with exposure to literature and creation inspiration. Book clubs, Wine tasting groups, and comedic improv groups meet at this book bar. This month, Lorenzo Mattoni returns to start a four-class series "Wine With Me." The expansion of real estate raised more than brick and mortar. It Built a home that continues to  connect communities of creatives. Readers, publishers, and educators collaborate over books and libations. While we get back in touch with our creative sides to make the best of leisure time and enhance professional productivity, we create balance, tenacity and clarity. social education fosters this. The profits made from the refreshments, presentation tickets and book sales, pay employees and promote literacy programs throughout Arizona.

Teens, Tweens and Empowerment

This bit of readable real estate smartly expanded as has their positive footprint in the community. As new publishers find their foothold in the literary industry, youth can play an important role. Before It's Trendy (B.I.T.)  program enlists youth, from ages 8 to 17 years, by giving them a powerful voice. Youthful readers are allowed to review new works before published and give feedback that helps authors and publishers move forward strategically. While giving children an empowering role, B.I.T. also helps the Changing Hands Bookstore stock their shelves with readable inventory that kids want. I can't help but think of the once unknown author of Harry Potter's series. J.K. Rowling was underestimated and rejected by publishers several times. Venues that provide exposure and valuable feedback of a writer's notoriety, no matter their current notoriety, bring out additional gifted literary contributors. Children, who review these works, because they can and want to read, encourage others to participate, too.

Real Estate Crowdfunding: Giving Life To The Old By Using The New

We live in an age when technology, convenience, and fast-paced living is valued; hence kindles & iPads, so what is our continued fascination with books? I couldn't help but ask an avid-reading friend what it is that she loves about holding an old-fashioned book and reading it. "There is the smell of the book, for sure... and also the feel of the physical progress in your hands: In your left hand you have the pages you have read and in your real estate crowdfundingright hand are the rest you have left. Feeling that progress pass through your hands is quite remarkable" ~Kerri Fairclough.
In the spirit of reuse, books stay alive by changing hands. In addition to fostering reading, writing, and culinary communities, Changing Hands Bookstore promotes sharing. You can trade books, Arizona! Literary impulses are inspired as readers take books to either of the two locations to trade for more. Changing Hands also supports literacy in local schools. The investment realized from expanding the physical building with the Changing Hands community doesn't stop there. Now, brick and mortar houses educational productions, teacher appreciation celebrations, book clubs for all ages, a venue for musical treasures, and book-faires that raise money for library and classroom needs throughout the community. The dividends of real estate crowdfunding are definitely changing hands. Maybe we are passing success from one hand to another, feeling progress on a larger scale than predicted.
Combining our fascination of preserving the past with the efficiency of technology is the essence of crowdfunding. We generate funds, and as we watch the fund-gauge rise, we can picture historic buildings metamorphosizing, and also  new construction taking shape. Whether it be books, musical instruments, cars or dogs, pick something you are passionate about. How would a piece of real estate  and a real estate crowdfunding campaign expand and share the results of your dreams?

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