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The Solar Revolution Renovation Project

“The transition from fossil fuels to clean energy represents perhaps the largest wealth creation opportunity of the century.”  ~Billy Parish, Founder Mosaic

The potential of renewable energy projects is in its infancy, in relation to the role it will play in saving our planet. Crowdfunding solar projects have opened doors to people from all walks of life who are excited to invest. Even the most seasoned real estate investors are recognizing the financial potential, as each solar renovation project proves to increase home values nationwide. Diminishing the need for fossil fuel use, lowering the cost of living with energy saving incentives, and involving our youth to a point of education proves that the move to solar power is essential in preserving our planet and communities. Well planned solar powering reaps unlimited potential for well-being and profit. Crowdfunding clean energy has created a novel investment democracy for a very important cause. What more encouragement does anyone need to jump on this momentous opportunity?


From Drop-Out to Solar Crowdfunding King

The life of Billy Parish, Yale drop-out, is an ideal example of crowdfunding powering a dream that now powers a community in more ways than one. Now, how many of us can say that we dropped out of Yale, and smile?  By the age of 21, Parish was running the world’s most impressive youth organization, striving to bring solar powered energy to the world. The progress and opportunities continued to magnify. When Parish and his Co-Founder Dan Rosen realized how much money it was going to take to eventually solar power the world, they began talking about a Kickstarter campaign. Opening the door for yet more input, it became abundantly clear that not only was receiving funding for solar power doable, but a huge opportunity for profit. solar-crowdfundRealizing the money-making potential, combined with the lack of a platform to procure the funds, the partners set out to create Mosaic - an internet platform fostering fundraising for various solar power projects. In less than a day after the Oakland-based platform opened to crowdfunding campaigns, they raised enough money to fund four clean energy projects benefiting affordable housing in California. By January 2013, 400+ investors raised $313,000, averaging over $650 each, according to TechRepublic. From the 2010 inception to late 2014, Mosaic had raised $7 million through crowdfunding with a payback rate of 100%.


A Solar Renovation Project Reinforcing a Trend

Mosaic has facilitated the installation of solar on a surprisingly large scale, from military housing to schools. The investment remains accessible to people from all walks of life. Mosaic allows investors to participate with contributions as low as $25. Now, that is finance democracy! Mosaics Pinnacle Charter School Pinnacle Charter School, in Denver Colorado, was the Mosaic recipient of a solar roof, which also served as an educational tool for the students. These students are now armed with knowledge that through action, limitless possibilities are found, and they can each play a part in preserving our natural resources.  Speaking to the effect on the general public - $200,000 is not unimaginable, considering Mosaic’s average project includes a couple hundred investors. The platform is not tied down to grand convincing efforts. People want solar power, and seem undaunted by the minor renovation project involved to incorporate this versatile investment in their own homes, or their investment properties.

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One Person & One Roof Is All That It Takes

How does it work?
Solar Panel Renovation

One sunny roof, and a minor change, reaps a clear return of investment. Each person, who has solar power installed, produces energy. This energy does not directly fuel your home, but it is sold to a respective utility company, by you, for a fee. A separate meter is installed to measure the energy output generated by your solar panels, then you receive payment from the utility company for the energy created that replaces the use of fossil fuels and coal. The goal is to create at least enough solar power to completely offset the owner's electric bills. This is when having solar panels becomes financially beneficial to the average homeowner. If your utility bills total $1000 per month, and your solar panels are garnering you a payment of $1000 from the utility company (depending on the size of your solar panels etc), your bill is dramatically decreased, if not completely net $0. Now you have become a paid producer of clean energy. A financial benefit and a direct play in preserving our natural resources can be realized by just about anyone.


Solarize Your Fix and Flip Real Estate Investment

Brighton Solar Co Innovative Solar

According to the Berkley Lab, January 2015, home buyers are willing to pay an excess of about $15,000 to purchase homes with an average solar power system installed. Certainly a point for fix and flip real estate investors to consider.  So, what's the argument? There's always an argument. Aesthetics seems to be the only repeating one that I could find. But, I also found a company in Santa Barbara, CA, who focuses their solar company's efforts on innovative design, beautiful options, with no compromise of efficiency. Working with local architects and developers, Brighten Solar Company has a talented team who consults from start to finish, designing residential solar plans for maximizing efficiency and unique aesthetics. From solarized glass to thinly designed strategically placed solar panels, it all begins with people like Gautier Meyers and Marine Schumann, Founders of Brighten Solar, who choreograph to solve the needs of entire homes. The advances in solar technology & aesthetics are fascinating, and I am glad that there are companies keeping us at the leading edge.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Really Does Lead the Means

Crowdfunding The Everyman InvestorWhether you are a natural thinker, or financier, get involved. This is just a mere sampling of the profitable solar opportunities available. Plan a meeting in your community, and collectively brainstorm. Think of a way that a few sunny areas can power your community at a fraction of general energy costs. If you take action, there will most likely be help to fill in the holes. The leading lifestyle trends, in this era of transformation, are: saving money, saving precious resources, and preserving our planet. Our ever increasing real estate crowdfunding teams are evidence of this. According to Marc Emmer, a Strategic Planning expert, Millennials are taking a path that’s is less influenced by religion, and more so by friends, social media and preserving the planet. As their disposable incomes rise, these social media savvy Millennials have become crowdfunding innovators. And, these opportunities are opening up possibilities for people of all economic levels. We are only bound by limits of our imagination, and the ever increasing support for solar power is evidence of this. Invest in the solar revolution, and take advantage of a solar power renovation project. No one has to be a billionaire to reap the financial profits and increased property values. The very idea of making money, while improving property values is attractive, and also saving the planet makes solar power an inspiring endeavor on any scale.

Is there anything keeping you from going solar? Leave a comment and let us know.

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  • Debbie Holler

    Debbie Holler commented May 25, 2015

    Am undergoing breast cancer treatment now 6surgerys in the last six months and I have to have at least 3 more this year. Not working now but I would like to get my home fitted with solar panels and start the process, problem is lack of money any come. That can help me get started? 84 Wabash are. Buffalo, Ny 14206.716-903-6775. Thank you.

    Karen Perkins

    Karen Perkins reply June 7, 2015

    Hi, Debbie.
    I admire your courage in battling cancer. Many in my local community just participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. It was a heartwarming event, as always, and a true community uniting event. You are definitely not alone.

    Try the following link, as it lists 4 programs that I hope will provide the solar panel funding assistance that you may need. . I also suggest that you seek out solar power crowdfunding campaigns, and contact the originators. They may be able to teach you some helpful hints about the endless possibilities to be found through crowdfunding.

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