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Community Collaboration on the Table Chicago

On The Table has illustrated the power of individuals to effect meaningful modes for change through collaboration. Community members with the desire to rise make great use of each others' resources, as we watch the brainstorms unfold into reality. In a “Moment of Reflection that leads to action, we collect as much data as possible on all of these conversations.” explains Chicago Community Trust Daniel Ash, Chief Marketing Officer.  In fact, community collaboration of a very unique kind is forming valuable community partnerships at a rapid pace. The results have shown the limitless potential of Chicagoans, as they put a community-teamed planning model On The Table.

On The Table

On the table chicagoIn 2014, The Chicago Community Trust initiative, On the Table, was designed to commemorate the Trust’s 99th anniversary and to generate new ideas, inspire bold solutions, and cultivate relationships and collaborations to improve communities region-wide. The result was more than 11,500 people from all walks of life participating in one of 1,100 mealtime brainstorming sessions throughout the region. Inspired community members came together in unique gathering spaces, from private residences and back yards, to restaurants and schools, creating platforms to brainstorm solutions for a positive future. These city-wide conversations touched on subjects from real estate project funding to the expansion of accessible community resources.


Communities Collaboration

On the table chicagoThe Chicago Community Trust centennial celebration kicks off another great year of community collaboration through On The Table. In a recent interview with WBEZ's Morning shift, Daniel Ash explained the results of last year far surpassed expectation. This year, the Trust will again “put the microphone in front of the communities and listen, take collective action, and celebrate those who make our community strong.”  The rest of us will follow from our own communities, inspired, as they spear collective enthusiasm, pooled resources, and action. Success grows out of the collaboration of people from different backgrounds, all representing unique perspectives, experience and passion. The power of these On the Table discussions has led to successful real estate redevelopment projects which are helping to bring power back to the people who wish to revitalize their communities.

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May 12, 2015, the centennial birthday of The Chicago Trust, marks the official return of On The Table, and a yearlong campaign to celebrate everyday philanthropists from all walks of life. The date is a marker to inspire a tangible beginning to the 2nd year-long inspiration. Yet, collaboratories are already sprouting up throughout Chicago, as these brainstorming sessions are proving to strengthen communities block-by-block.
On the table chicagoFrom young to old, if you are a community-minded person with an every day issue to address, a solution to suggest, a success to celebrate, or a community to gather, bring your voice to the table too. Visit On The Table Chicago to register an event, or to gain ideas to create a similar concept in your own state. Create a collaborative community by discussing what you would like to see changed, devise solutions, and be ready to report back, because your table will be heard.


Historical Results

On The Table Chicago: What, Who, Where, & Why Participants represented every Chicagoland neighborhood and every residential zip code, as well as 11 area counties. Highlights from the IPCE study include:

  • 75% participated because they want to work with others to improve their community.
  • 80% indicated an improved understanding of specific community and city issues
  • 57% exchanged contact info with other attendees for future collaboration
  • 97% believe they have an influence in achieving change in their community

What makes a philanthropist? Anyone doing good: feeding the hungry, helping a neighbor, and donating money are just a few traits. Leave a comment and let us know what you think is the most important form a philanthropy to a struggling community.            

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One thought on “Community Collaboration on the Table Chicago”

  • David Poynter

    David Poynter commented March 11, 2015

    There is no "most important form" of philanthropy. Sometimes, I just walk down the alley, behind my house, and pick up trash. Or, I'll use my weed whacked on a vacant neigjbor's home so it doesn't look as vacant. Every little bit helps. And, I think, that goes for any worthwhile endeavor.

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