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Deconstruct and ReStore

Within the ever-expanding opportunities to Grow Communities, and expand profit, a new word was added to the parallel benefit of mindful ecological consideration and social enterprise. Habitat for Humanity has added ReStore to the world-wide efforts to "Reduce Reuse & Recycle", and provides one more example of social enterprise benefiting from crowdsourcing. Finding parallels to the accomplishments of Patch of Land crowdfunding, we find ourselves returning to the provocative theme of Doing Well While Doing Good.

Habitat for Humanity, also known simply as Habitat, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded in 1976, that has remained devoted to eliminating substandard housing and creating home ownership. Taking this a smart step further, Habitat’s ReStores have been popping up across the nation, and each serves as a discount home improvement store accepting donations of reusable building materials, and selling them at a huge discount. Most of the materials donated, are from deconstruction projects that may have otherwise added to landfills.


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ReStore deconstruction donations range from sink basins, to roofing materials, flooring, doors, & cabinetry, to furniture, windows and appliances. ReStores house potential benefits to all of us DIY repair types, remodelers, builders, and innovative investors.


The Habitat Affiliated ReStores across the United Stated, Canada, Australia and New Zealand work independently within their region, to raise revenue supporting administrative costs, so that 100% of donor funds can be applied toward home construction, rehab and even critical emergency repairs. Some ReStores, Like Habitat's ReStore in Greater Los Angeles, have raised enough funds beyond administrative costs to allow 10+ additional homes to be built per year. When we donate or purchase materials, we become an exciting part of the crowd who actually funds this social enterprise. ~ One of many great parallels to the focused-goal accomplishments of real estate crowdfunding beyond the non-profit realm.

With infectious energy,  discounted prices certainly do not coincide with compromised customer service. Those answering the phones this week in Ohio and Greater Los Angeles, CA, were clearly as excited about what they were doing, as the recipients of the homes & discounted resources that their revenue provides. Thank you, Theresa Rinehart, for representing your Ohio ReStore so well!

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Shop. Donate. Volunteer. How & Where To Start?

Builders & re-modelers, benefiting from this "eco-friendly shopping," can peruse the ever-changing inventory in person, and keep up with "hot-finds" on facebook and instagram. We can even receive deconstruction & salvage advice from a ReStore in our communities. Some ReStores provide deconstruction resources directly, while ReStores in other regions partner with the  Deconstruction and Reuse Network. Together, ReStores and their partners, guide individuals in beginning the deconstruction conversation with their contractors, and also aid builders and contractors in the removal and salvation of reusable items. After salvation, from roof to foundation, the ReStore operations save donors and buyers the costs of waste disposal, construction and other project requirements. The benefits reach well beyond the non-profit network.

Bellflower-ReStore-91-Sign-300x200Ribbon Cutting - Habitat Greater Los Angeles

When Deconstruction benefits affordable housing & restoration, great minds are certainly behind it. The potential for profit increases, and when vision surpasses the traditional roles of finance, Patch of Land bridges the gap. Deconstruction & restoration, & visions like "ReStore", help grow communities, and portfolios simultaneously. There is a connection between what Habitat for Humanity is accomplishing, and what Patch of Land's community-minded crowdfunding has fueled beyond normal confines for years now. Do you see the connection?

If you want to learn more, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about real estate crowdfunding on a daily basis and find out why so many people are crowdfunding real estate projects across the country with Patch of Land.
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