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Tiny Homes Make a Big Difference

There is freedom to be found in simplification.

"So, simplify the problem of life, distinguish the necessary and the real. Probe the earth to see where your main roots run. ” -Henry David Thoreau




We can especially find great freedom in innovating how limited funds and space are used in creating housing. Tiny homes, with great use of space, will likely be an increasingly popular focal point of the innovation-minded National Real Estate Investors, and others who are increasingly focused on rehabbing communities. From the world’s narrowest house, entirely built in a former ghetto alley; the tiny tree house that has such flexibility that it can quite literally be set up anywhere; a micro home that can be shipped anywhere and assembled in DIY fashion, to garages-turned-mini-homes. All minimalist creations include modern conveniences, are ecologically sound, and in a size that frees us from the limits of available space. Running errands this weekend, I found myself noticing randomly underutilized spaces that house litter, with no existing resource for community play. Have fun looking around your community, discovering space.

A Ghetto Alley turned Worlds Most Narrow House

Focus your eyes between the two apartment buildings (above left), and you will find a ghetto alley turned world's narrowest house. The Keret house, built in a former Warsaw-Poland ghetto, fits entirely into a former alley. The designer utilized a very strategic use of space, and the usefulness of the interior may surprise you. This home is definitely tiny, but it serves its resident well, and has ignited conversation with an interest that is even bridging some cultural differences in its wake. Watch the video and read more.


Eco-Perch Tiny Tree House

The Eco-Perch Tiny Tree House, built in five days, can sleep three to four people, and literally can be set up in spaces as unique as in a tree. The exterior blends in with a great respect for nature. The size lends to the creation of a residence with little to no disruption of the nature that it was designed to appreciate. I see it as a wooded oasis, and would be tempted to utilize the same great spacial planning to convert unused portions of existing buildings into affordable housing units. Real Estate Crowdfunding would translate this into yet another community-growing and wealth building opportunity.

Eco-Perch Layout Eco-Perch Layout


If the creatively placed and cleverly spaced homes of the Keret House and Eco-Perch don’t excite you, the Do-It-Yourself Nomad Micro Home just may. You may have to choose your visiting family members carefully, but the creative use of very limited space is amazing.

Nomad Micro HomeNomad-Micro-Home-living room

This Mighty Mouse of a House, including solar panels and modern conveniences, can be shipped anywhere, and assembled by you. The Nomad Micro Home project, is currently crowdfunded through

Each of these designs creatively utilizes every bit of usable space, and can be applied to the remodel of existing structures too. More housing & affordable housing! I am anxious to see rehabs applying such great use of tiny space and low cost to transform existing structures into an increased number of affordable single family residences.


Boring-Garage-Turned-into-Fancy-Small-Home-before-DIY-makeover Garage-Converted-to-250-Square-Foot-Tiny-House


Boring Garage to Tiny Home: Michelle de la Vega, of Seattle WA, turned her boring garage into this beautiful 250 sq foot Little-Home, with a loft.

Boring Garage Interior


Knott Architects in the UK created the more extravagant transformation of a once dilapidated garage. You would have trouble, left on your own, to recognize that either finished space had ever been garages.

Brainstorm with these tips for transforming your own garage while considering how thinking "tiny" can expand communities:

~Beautifying run down areas with little space,

~Ecological preservation through good material choices, less degradation of land, and


~Encouragement to connect with communities.

Prevent house-poor living, and recognize the value of freedom found by living well in smaller spaces, many of us will be naturally propelled out in the community. Local businesses will be supported, and collaboration will blossom. A Growing Community yet again!


Real Estate Crowdfunding continues to inspire innovation well beyond the real estate that the alternative investors directly touch. Whether soaking up the benefits of nature in rural areas, or taking advantage of the foodie & social opportunities in urban areas, the quality of lives unencumbered by house-bound financial obligations will thrive. And, of course communities build, expand, and innovate beyond. The creativity domino has begun. Do you have any thoughts for how to better utilize small spaces, or generally simplify life?

.Creativity Domino by

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