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Real Estate Crowdfunding Enters the Innovation Zone

If the crowdfunding community were a neighborhood, and a development sign welcomed all who enter, it would say Innovation Zone. Enter with Abandon. Innovation positively impacts our economy, spurring benefits that cross all socioeconomic lines. Have you recognized the guarded disconnect between people in highly populated areas, struggling to succeed, and rarely able to afford a break in routine? With technology and forward thinking at our fingertips, we have a great opportunity to bridge that gap and, thus, seed communities. Innovate your reality. Times of most question and strife, are fertile ground to a community willing to grow. Needing each other creates community. And, building upon each others’ innovation makes communities blossom.

Innovation inspires!

The Technological Advantage of Patch of Land's Platform 3D Printed Room

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A desperate hold on the focus needed to maintain competitive function in an ever desperate fight for survival these days, can lead us down streets with blinders on. Yesterday, in my own haste, I scarcely noticed my arm grazing a person that I have known for much of my life, but hadn't seen in years. I wouldn’t have noticed at all, except his dog, who I had once rescued, body-blocked me from moving forward with out engaging. Ahhh, yes...the evolved awareness of a dog making his/her wishes reality.

Technology and E-Commerce Shape Real Estate Lending The first 3D pen, by 3Doodler

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We stopped, engaged, realized an amazing commonality, and began talking about crowdfunding (real estate crowdfunding), of course. 15 minutes later, we were back going our separate ways, but my friend was armed with a new train of thought for his business goals that once seemed so far out of reach, and my innovative spirit was renewed by his expertise in technological advancements. A community uncovered.

How can a 3D printer spur inspiration during this time of limited affordable housing? It can literally build our homes. Watch this 3D printer build a home. Or, what about the Quake Column, a 3D printed seismically resistant structure? Emerging Objects innovated this to diffuse the force of an earthquake.

Meet the Team: Brian Fritton (Co-Founder & CTO) Quake Column

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The affordable and environmentally sound housing dearth has a lot of us on guard, but lets recognize the opportunity that this challenge provides. We could all take care not to defend familiar against the unfamiliar; lest we limit ourselves, and our communities from what a community of collective thought can provide. We can direct our thinking to an Innovation Zone, realizing that innovation, especially during tough times, is not synonymous with frivolity. Innovation is synonymous with hope, real progress, and Growing Communities. Innovation becomes reality through crowdfunding.

~A collective good, further benefiting from collective knowledge and resources. Creating homes, families, and yes: communities!

Real estate crowdfunding has proven, time and again, to create collective possibility where it hasn’t existed before. Being freed of limits, what would you innovate, would it involve a team, and could it inspire a reciprocating community?

If you want to learn more, take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about real estate crowdfunding on a daily basis and find out why so many people are crowdfunding real estate projects across the country with Patch of Land.
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