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Vision without Limits during the Holidays & Beyond

As we, in the crowdfunding realm, continue growing communities, we find parallels in the giving and receiving of the holiday season.

This year, we have reasserted rehabbing real estate as an essential way to grow our communities. What if, in growing community, investors make a profit of financial gain, along with what some call a “karmic” gain? The profits can be two-fold. When our vision becomes larger, it becomes possible for us to not only improve our communities, but to build communities where there aren’t any. Ultimately, all concerted realities are built from a vision. And, there is no better example of concerted anything benefiting so many, than crowdfunding.

Athena Organic Farm+Eco Retreat, is a hot topic with the right idea. “A profit sharing crowd sourced organic farm and Eco retreat that empowers the people and builds a sustainable future one farm at a time.”

Many projects that, through crowdfunding, could offer financial gain, also could reap a heart-filled, or karmic, gain. Crowdfunding can open the doors for amazing humanitarian visions to become tangible projects. Remember Project Gregory, the vision to create billboards with advertising space, anchored by shelter to house the homeless.

Vision without Limits in the Holidays & Beyond Can Billboards Help House the Homeless?

And, we’ll look further into stories of community farming, like Community Harvest in North Grafton, MA where a patch of land (rightly termed) is tended by a community~ a project intent on providing sustainability, education and feeding the needy. It is amazing how many people they feed. Could this project, too, be crowdfunded, thereby broadening the harvest & beneficiaries even more?

Vision without Limits in the Holidays & Beyond Vision without Limits in the Holidays & Beyond

Maybe we’ll also start to see run-down dorm buildings in college towns being refurbished to offer a brighter visual to all, and a leg up to house those in need. All crowdfunded.

The benefits of crowdfunding projects such as these can create even more than the combination of financial gain, human shelter, healthy sustenance and visible improvement to the community. Crowdfunding can create an increase in able investors. Can we build general esteem in the newly-housed & fed people, then guide them to concertedly give back in exchange? Think of the value of creating community in those who haven’t any hopes of it ~communities where there aren’t any. It becomes increasingly clear that the potential benefits of crowdfunding far surpass the monetary return on investment.

Holiday season or not, if there were no limits, what would you crowdfund?

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3 thoughts on “Vision without Limits during the Holidays & Beyond”

  • Lynne

    Lynne commented December 17, 2014

    I had never heard of Crowdfunding before, but this is brilliant! Bringing a community together where everyone benefits. A win-win for all! It's not just about making a profit, but also doing good for others in the process. I love it. I would invest in projects that helped both people and animals. Will be getting back to this soon with some ideas!

  • David Poynter

    David Poynter commented January 9, 2015

    Although I would need to do more research before investing, I find this article very interesting. A novel concept leading to a win/win result for the investor and the community? What's not to like?

  • nathan byrd

    nathan byrd commented January 14, 2015

    This is an encouraging article. As the American middle class continues to shrink, I celebrate private sector solutions such as this. We have a copycat economy. Hopefully, with success, others will duplicate.

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