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The Digital Farmers Market: Why Crowdsourcing Matters in Agriculture

This is truly such an exciting time in our history! For the first time we are seeing the distribution of wealth being returned to the society as a whole through the platform of technology in a fairly new phenomenon we are now calling "crowdfunding." Crowdfunding's roots are derived from the merger of the social economy and the sharing economy. Together they work hand in hand, using technology as its platform to facilitate various causes on a worldwide scale. This fairly new phenomenon is important to so many different industries, especially the agriculture sector.


Why Does Crowd-Funding Matter for Agriculture?


First, let’s talk about what’s happening socially and in our health. More and more people are becoming conscious of where their food is coming from, more educated on the negative effects of GMOs, pesticide use and more and more health issues are being traced back to food related issues., just released a documentary film produced by a few doctors that focuses exclusively on the relationship between our connection to our food, nature, our health, and well-being. The evidence is now becoming irrefutable – what we eat, how it is produced and where it comes from matters.


60 years ago, everyone had a farm or was connected in one way or another with their food. However, in the decades following, we have become further and further disconnected from our food through the industrialization of the agricultural system.

The Digital Farmers Market: Why CrowdSourcing Matters in Agriculture

Krystine McInnes, Project Director of Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat, a ground-breaking crowd-sourced farm project based out of Vancouver, BC. expressed, “It’s my belief that we are witnessing a revolution, a return to our connection to nature, to the foods we eat, to where they come from, to how they are produced – and this means a connection with the farm and the farmer. Know your farmer, know your food.”


McInnes continues, “Platforms like crowd-funding are ways for an over-industrialized and conglomerated industry to find its grassroots again, across a broader base demographic and financially to support growth and innovation at those grass roots levels. It’s not just a piece of produce on a shelf, it’s a relationship with the people who brought that produce to market. Banks and institutions are too far removed from this trend to understand it. It’s kind of like a digital farmer’s market, or co-op farming meets technology.”


Projects like Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat are accomplishing their goals through their Kickstarter Campaign to market test these initiatives. By doing so, they are setting the stage and an example for other farm-based businesses to expand into the digital space. Athena plans to share its knowledge with other local farmers in the communities, to help them with technology advancements & fund-raising.


Athena Organic Farm + Eco-Retreat has shown another great way to utilize the power of crowdfunding. Patch of Land encourages the use of crowdfunding on every level, particularly in ways which help grow communities. How would you like to see crowdfunding being used? Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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