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Cincinnati’s Union Terminal To Be Restored

On November 5th, voters in Cincinnati and throughout Hamilton County passed Issue 8, a one-quarter of one-percent sales tax levy that will help restore Cincinnati’s Union Terminal, raising $170 million in public funds over five years. The rehabilitation work at the 81-year-old building, a National Historic Landmark and one of the most iconic Art Deco structures in the country, will cover a major structural makeover, including a new roof and windows, as well as critical updates to outdated mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure.


Built in 1933, Union Terminal has served as both a cultural hub for the city of Cincinnati and one of the most iconic Art Deco structures in the nation. Thanks to the combined support of the community, this preservation project will allow Union Terminal to serve as home to Cincinnati Museum Center for generations to come.



The power of unity goes a long way, as this success story has unfolded. In essence, crowdfunding represents the power of unity in the sense that it pools the capabilities of individuals to achieve a common goal.

Would crowdfunding be a better source of funding these preservation projects instead of tax levies? Let us know what you think!

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