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Can Billboards Help House the Homeless?

Michal Polacek is a man with a mission which he calls "Project Gregory." His project is aimed towards converting billboard advertising space into small homes. His concept for a 200 sq ft. wooden billboard/home is similar to a studio apartments, and is designed to have two rooms, a toilet, sink, and shower.

Michal Polacek created the idea for this kind of multifunctional structural while attending the Academy of Art in Banksa Bystrica in Slovakia. It was part of his master’s dissertation 3 years ago and has now spawned into an idea which he, and his partner Matej Nedorolík truly believe in. Together they want to bring this style of housing to life through their architecture and design firm to help house homeless people throughout the world. Since there are so many billboards and advertising space, they believe this could become a reality in the next decade.

To help their cause, the two young architects and entrepreneurs have launched a Project Gregory Kickstarter campaign. Their goal is to raise 41,000 euros so they can start to assemble a prototype. After which, they will look to build the first 10 billboard style homes in their native land of Slovakia.

The European Union estimates there are 4 million homeless people over the course of a year, so a project like this is sure to stir up some controversy over it's usefulness. According to the founders of Project Gregory, at first they tried to ask for sponsorship from companies, but when that fell short they decided to go the crowdfunding route.

What do you think of these billboard homes? Clearly they are innovative, but do you think they are practical? Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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