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LeBron James Rehabs His Hometown

King James is back in the news again, but this time his decision has nothing to do with basketball. This week LeBron James rehabs his hometown with the help of the NBA superstar’s James Family Foundation. Together they are rehabilitating a home in connection with a television program to help change the life of a little girl and her entire community.

King James reclaimed his throne in his hometown of Akron, Ohio by taking control of a hammer and a mini dozer to help renovate the deteriorating home of Mariah Riley, a Litchfield Middle School sixth-grader who earned the house makeover for her success in the Wheels for Education mentoring program.  LeBron didn’t just get down and dirty himself though. Instead he used this opportunity to teach his sons, Bryce and LeBron Jr., a valuable lesson about giving back to your community through rehabbing homes. LeBron posted a message on his Family Foundation website saying, “This week, my family and I will be helping out at the PROMISE Project home. The PROMISE Project involves ten of your Wheels for Ed peers who have kept their PROMISES.  I’m really excited to get my hands dirty.”LeBron Rehabs His Hometown

The James family worked together to remove various parts of the house including the porch railings, a retaining wall, and the front steps. With some supervision, the two boys were allowed to operate some heavy machinery, which prompted a thumbs-up approval from their dad who was busy working in the distance. Mariah Riley’s family didn’t just sit back and watch, as they got involved with the rehabbing of their home by stripping wallpaper and other various tasks. The project is moving along quickly. In just a few days the home already had new drywall, pine floors, a concrete driveway, and the base for a paver patio. The Riley family is extremely proud of their eleven year old for all her achievements in the Wheels or Education program. “I can’t believe all the hard work did this,” Mariah said. The house is expected to be completely rehabilitated by this Sunday when it will be featured on the Rehab Addict television program in the fall.

LeBron Rehabs His Hometown

Besides the James Family foundation’s tremendous help, businesses have donated materials and provided the labor necessary to make this project possible. Not to mention, other volunteers have become involved in making this a true success story all the way around. Events like this make it clear to see that there are still many people willing to donate their time, money, and effort in order to help their fellow neighbor. Here at Patch of Land we strive to create a platform in which entire communities can join forces and come together for a common cause like the one you just read. In the near future, real estate crowdfunding portals like PoL will become a powerful resource for doing social good and growing communities. We are happy to be leading the movement and will continue to do so, that’s our promise to you.

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