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Meet one of our Real Estate Operators who is quite the P.E.A.C.H.

Meet Deborah Smith.  A full time Nurse and a part time Real Estate Developer with Patch of Land.  Her Real Estate deal on the platform was phenomenal for investors, but her story is even more inspiring.  To see the deal, visit the profile page for Hephzibah, Georgia (you will have to register to see the details).


Deborah Smith



We had the opportunity to speak with Deborah and ask her about her background.  From the moment we first heard her speak, we could sense that her motivation to get into real estate was not for the money, but to genuinely help people achieve the American Dream of home ownership.  Deborah spoke of a fond memory she had as a child when her family stopped renting and made their first home purchase.  It was like a dream come true for her and her family.  She would take that memory and make it part of the mission of her Real Estate Company P.E.A.C.H. Enterprise.

When asked about how she learned about the real estate industry, Deborah had two key resources that she pointed out:

  1. Real Estate Infomercials
  2. A book called “The Wealthy Barber


A particular strategy that Deborah incorporated as a result of her education in real estate was with an affinity to residential redevelopment and rent to own techniques that would allow future home buyers to build and repair their credit over a period of time so that they may then qualify for financing.  Her particular region in Georgia is near a military base where potential home owners would qualify for the Veterans Administration (VA) loan programs.

Deborah was fortunate to be out of the market when the greatest recession since the great depression took hold in 2008 and took that time to continue her education.  It was through her education that she came across Jason Fritton, the Co-Founder and President of Patch of Land.


We had a chance to sit down with Deborah and ask her about her experience using the Patch of land platform.  The following was the results of that conversation.

Patch of Land:  If there was one thing that stuck out about using the Patch of Land platform, what would that be?

Deborah: The one thing that stuck out about using the Patch of Land platform was how much the team truly cared about me and my investment opportunity.  Jason took the time to get to know me on both a personal and professional level.  I was dealing with a personal family health issue at the time as my mother had fallen ill, and Jason would always begin the conversations we had together always checking in on my mother’s health.  It made me feel like more than just a customer, but part of the Patch of Land family.

Patch of Land:  Did you feel supported as you were going through your first crowdfunding campaign on Patch of Land?

Deborah:  Yes!  The team at Patch of Land ensured that my deal was brought to the platform and presented in the most professional manner.   They educated me through the due diligence process on my deal to ensure that investors were protected in accordance with strict underwriting standards.  The experience helped me learn more about what accredited investors are looking for in terms of return on investment and security.

Patch of Land:  Can you tell us more about the specifics of the deal that you got funded?

Deborah:  Sure! Below are some of the details for the Residential Redevelopment project at Hephzibah, Georgia:

Structure Overview

  • 10% APR with expected 12 month hold term
  • Loan secured by first position on title
  • Developer personal guarantee on the loan with cash reserve
  • Corner lot, single-family needing light rehab with existing cash flow
  • Veteran tenant in place who plans to buy property in 6 - 12 months using VA certificate
  • Rental income more than covers loan interest payment


The investment in this case was for all effective purposes already sold with the strategy that I was incorporating into the property.  A rent to own tenant who was going through the loan process with the Veterans Administration (VA) had already stated before I purchased the property that they would rent it with the option to buy and had signed a contract committing themselves to it.  For Patch of Land, this presented a great opportunity with minimal risk for investors, especially because that deal represented a 71% Loan to After Repair Value (ARV) and was secured by the first position of title.

Patch of Land:  And how did your deal look to potential investors?  What was their projected returns?

Financial Overview

Investment Needed Minimum Investment Loan Term Expected Annual Yield
$103,000 $1,000 6- 12 months 10%


Deborah:  For investors, the return presented a much better opportunity than current bank interest rates could ever offer them.  For a minimum investment of $1,000, investors had an expected annual yield of 10% and were expected to receive their investment back within 6 to 12 months.  The total amount that I needed in order to purchase the property and perform the redevelopment was $103,000.

Patch of Land:  Sounds like a win / win / win for everyone involved.  Do you plan on using Patch of Land again for future investment opportunities?

Deborah:  Absolutely!  The deal went smoothly and I now have my sights on future real estate offerings that I can bring to the Patch of Land platform.  There are a lot of investment opportunities when you live in a military community and I now have a great option for funding through Patch of Land.

Patch of Land:  It was a pleasure to work with you Deborah, and we look forward to being valued partners for many years to come!



About Peach Enterprise, LLC

Peach Enterprise, LLC is dedicated to creative real estate approaches resulting in solid returns while continually rehabilitating promising properties. The firm specializes in working with the Veterans Affairs and HUD offices to resell high opportunity properties to qualified purchasers. Past projects include multiple single-family homes in the state of Georgia.

Deborah Smith is the current trustee and former Church Financial Secretary at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Augusta, GA. Ms. Smith an extensive background in flipping homes in today's real estate market. Ms. Smith also has a Doctorate of Nursing Practice, has written several successful grant proposals and has managed $1mm in budgets as a former healthcare director.

Unfortunately, her mother had passed away in April 2014 before the closing occurred but she will forever be Deborah’s inspiration to continue forward on her journey to help people achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership.


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