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In Case You Missed It - How It Works for Investors: Diversify Your Portfolio with Patch of Land

Diversify Your Portfolio

Investors understand how important it is to diversify their portfolio. Patch of Land’s crowdfunding portal allows investors to do just that by giving them access to a $2.3 trillion residential real estate investment class. Investors are able to minimize their risk with our short-term investments starting as low as $5000 per project, ranging from 30 days to 18 months. In addition, investors using Patch of Land can receive up to 12% APR and with no investor fees.

Ease, Efficiency, & Transparency

Signing up as an investor with Patch of Land is quick and easy. In fact, the entire sign-up process is designed to take less than 60 seconds. All of our investors’ profiles have a personalized dashboard which is both intuitive and simple to navigate. The investor dashboard allows you to visualize everything your money is doing. Patch of Land prides itself on our transparency, and created our portal to be completely open, meaning there are no secrets or surprises. In addition, we support our investors by providing them with access to pertinent documents and the information needed to perform their own due diligence. Plus we offer piece of mind to our investors by doing our own stringent due diligence and pre-funding all of our projects, letting our users know that we believe in every real estate investment seen on our crowdfunding portal.    

Become a national real estate investor

Our ability to serve as an alternative lender on a nationwide level means we are able to develop real estate projects all across the United States. Investors benefit from using our crowdfunding platform because they are able to invest in projects they may have otherwise never known about. Overall, Patch of Land helps to extend a real estate investors reach, opening up the pipeline of projects they are able to participate in, giving them a new avenue to explore outside of their personal connections within the industry. Click Here to Become a National Real Estate Investor

Invest in a Good Cause

Making an investment with a solid return is always great. However, Patch of Land believes being able to make a lucrative investment and positive contribution to society at the same time is even better. The residential real estate projects Patch of Land offers to its investors helps contribute to the rehabilitation of distressed properties and goes a long way towards the revitalization of communities throughout the America. Facilitating our projects also stimulates the economy by putting laborers in the real estate industry to work, and also by increasing the property values of homes in the surrounding areas. Patch of Land will continue using our crowdfunding portal to spawn projects which support our efforts to do social good throughout local communities and our society at large.


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This entry was originally posted on November 27, 2014

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