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10 Technologies Real Estate Investors Will Love

Technology is everywhere, and it’s making all aspects of business more efficient. With all this access to information, making investment decisions can be based on solid data and managed effectively using digital tools.

Whether you’re a developer or a house flipper, finding the right properties, connecting with quality vendors and contractors, marketing, and even finding potential investors can be handled more efficiently with some of the excellent tools that are out there today. Here are some that you should definitely check out.

Property Fixer

This is an app that is perfect for the property flipper. It allows you to quickly analyze the potential profit margin and ROI for a given property, based on data you provide, including: address, size, description, and photo of the property as well as your anticipated expenses.

Property Evaluator

This is a similar app that provides a buy-and-hold projection for the property. This can be useful in deciding where you’ll go with a potential investment, based on data you provide.


Send a photo of a property and Homesnap will provide real time data from the MLS and other property records. It lets you send messages within the app and also keeps track of your “snaps” for future reference.

Connected Investors

This is a powerful networking site for investors, sellers, and lenders that also provides a wealth of real estate data. It provides everything you need to “find, figure, fund, and flip” your next investment property.

Sign my Pad

This is a low-cost app that can save you tremendous time and paper. It handles PDFs, allowing you to send and sign documents on any mobile device. No more scanning, printing, or –heaven forbid- faxing.

The Zillow app

This brings much of the extensive data of the Zillow website to your mobile device. You can check on rental rates and home prices in a given neighborhood in a few seconds. Similar apps are available from, and other sites.


This app helps to streamline renovations. It provides access to millions of images and ideas on home design, and also includes professional listings.


Depending on the scope of your operation, you may want to know more about creating and sharing digital recreations of existing and planned spaces. If so –or even if you’re just intrigued –take a look at this site. You’ll be joining about 2 million visitors to the site each week.


With this app, you can search and analyze investment properties. Details available include the sell price, comparables, current status, and after repair value.


This is an investment tool that provides users with extensive property information, analyzes deals, estimates for repair costs, and a powerful rehab-planning tool. The site also includes tools for marketing and business management and leads on properties of possible interest.

Taking advantage of technology doesn’t have to involve a big commitment or expense. Many of these great apps are free, and they’re designed especially to help you become a more skillful and informed investor. Why not give some a spin?

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