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Private Lender by AAPL May/June 2016

The American Association of Private Lenders, or AAPL is a nationally renowned association within the industry of private lending. One that is clearly defined and well organized around the shared principles of cooperation, education, ethics, and accountability.

AAPL operates as a codifying force and an unbiased knowledge custodian for lenders, investors, borrowers, media and general public. Their intention is to facilitate the growth of our members and uphold better business practices by following the standards outlined in their Code of Ethics.

In their recent publication of Private Lender, an online magazine catered to industry specific news and updates, they cover a wide range of topics that include a cover story of Appraisal Nation's John Tedesco (p 21), Patch of Land's new CEO announcement (p 10), AdaPia d'Errico's article on The Alternative Angle (p 36),and Real Estate Deal Talk's Abhi Golhar's 6 Rules for New Investors (p 44).

Read the full magazine here.


The next edition of Private Lender will be published on August 3, 2016.

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